Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ode to fails and unfinished projects!

So, I'm currently working on 2 blankets, 2 books, 1 rice heat-pack, and getting my new camera fixed.(uber fail) I so wish I could do it all! I see other friends who can get several projects done while taking care of multiple children! lol. I did finish a crochet "garden party" hat. It's basically a floppy summer hat. And I have been working on my continuing education credits I need for my license! I still feel like a big fail. Perhaps I take on too much at one time, maybe I just expect instant gratification where I shouldn't. But it used to be one of my strengths... patience, ability to prioritize and balance. I haven't felt much balance in years though. When exactly did that happen? Gradually, then suddenly, I suppose.
ANYWAY.. this is craft blog.. not a diary. lol. I'm still here. I'm still hookin' just slow, obviously. Hopefully I'll have some pictures coming soon. If ever I get the paperwork together to send in my camera for repairs! yay.. yet another project that needs my attention. Well if I get going now.. maybe I can finish sewing up my heat-pack and at least have something done!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

To my love and best friend of 10 years!

Ten years ago today, I was beginning my very first day of high school with a bad stomach ache from nerves and a grim attitude. Middle school hadn’t turned out so great and I feared high school could be worse! Luckily, I knew I’d have a bright spot in my day because I had Ms. Brinkley’s English class and first lunch with you. And sure enough, you were there for me all day long; calming my nerves before school, sitting there beside me when you could, and staying with me when my dumb self got bus-left! That night at around 7:30, you called me, as you had done every day for some time now. I poured my heart out to you about how frightened I was and how I didn’t know how I would make it through the next four years. Then you began to tell me how you would be there for me whenever I needed you just like you had today, because you cared about me a lot. Only caring wasn’t quite the right word… Then three words changed everything, though everything remained the same. Our hearts had always belonged to one another, but we were too young to realize it. My life has been made so much sweeter and I have been made more alive, because you loved me. I want to thank you for the ten years I’ve had of laughing and crying, growing up, and growing together with my best friend. I love you too!