Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ode to fails and unfinished projects!

So, I'm currently working on 2 blankets, 2 books, 1 rice heat-pack, and getting my new camera fixed.(uber fail) I so wish I could do it all! I see other friends who can get several projects done while taking care of multiple children! lol. I did finish a crochet "garden party" hat. It's basically a floppy summer hat. And I have been working on my continuing education credits I need for my license! I still feel like a big fail. Perhaps I take on too much at one time, maybe I just expect instant gratification where I shouldn't. But it used to be one of my strengths... patience, ability to prioritize and balance. I haven't felt much balance in years though. When exactly did that happen? Gradually, then suddenly, I suppose.
ANYWAY.. this is craft blog.. not a diary. lol. I'm still here. I'm still hookin' just slow, obviously. Hopefully I'll have some pictures coming soon. If ever I get the paperwork together to send in my camera for repairs! yay.. yet another project that needs my attention. Well if I get going now.. maybe I can finish sewing up my heat-pack and at least have something done!

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  1. story of my life! i think the key is to tackle "small" projects. if i stick with small projects I don't feel so crummy when I never finish a blanket. (This includes the 3 that are just laying around that I've never finished. One blanket needs only ONE more square to be done. ONE SQUARE WTF?! lol.) and maybe from all the patience & prioritizing over the years, you need balance in the way of impatience & procrastinating. ;)
    either way, i still love you and think you are awesome regulardless of how much craft stuff you've gotten around to! *HUGS*