Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good things CAN come from facebook!

I have always been quite annoyed when facebook wants you to tell it "what you're interested in." Doing so allows it to attach 1903247890375840 matching pages to your news feed! But to my pleasant surprise,  the Adobe Photoshop page had a post about creating a lomo-photography effect that I really had fun with!! I had already just taken a few pictures of my new hair color and they needed some sprucing-up!
So.. here's the link: Ultimate Lomo Photography

And here's my homework!
I likes! I used to browse photoshop tutorials a lot when I was in school! Then I decided I would cut back on the Adobe creative suite until I had an apple computer that could really handle it.... and that never happened. lol.
So anyway..  I'm currently collecting small glass jars; I've got about ten of them so far. And I have no clue what I want to do with them! So that will be the next project! There are many possibilities! candle holders.. painted, or hanging , or both, or maybe even just re purposing them to hold craft supplies. We shall see! For now, it's getting about time to hit the hay!


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