Monday, July 18, 2011

It's been a minute...

So, I have been slacking lately! *shame, shame* I haven't been crafting as much, there's always been something else to do! lol. But I have been getting some ideas from blogs about baby crafts for my ever-growing list of expecting friends, as well as other things for around the house. I'm definitely going to start making my own laundry soap! Considering the cost and how easy it is, it sounds silly not to! But anyway..
**NOTE** I've crossed something of my to-do list!
I've got myself a sah-weet new camera that I'm sUper excited about as an early birthday(which is Friday btw) present!
This would be a coolpix s9100
Its not as high tech as the DSLR's with the detachable lenses and all, but its got a ton of cool features that I believe will get lots of use. So that's one crafty thing I've been doing! ;)
I've also been putting together some new furniture we've been getting here at the house:

See! I have made some things!! haha!
Ok.. excuses, excuses! I guess for now, I need to be practical and get some CE credits done because my pharm. tech. license is due for re certification in a few months. Then I can get to the fun part!
Happy Creating!  

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  1. wow. i didn't even seen this post before i made your laundry soap! is that a little freaky or what?! i hope it's working out well though! ;) and that camera was the other one I was thinking about getting too!