Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Well hello there, Bloggers!

Well, I welcome you to my first post! I must admit, I'm alittle slow when it comes to trends in technology in comparison to others my age. However, I have been dedicating myself to a search for inspiration lately and as part of that I am starting this blog and will be using resources like pintrest and flikr like the rest of the world! I'm already appreciative of the brush-up I've gotten tonight on creating headers in photoshop as well as downloading and extracting brush files for such!! By the way, if anyone should be looking for a FREE file extraction/archive software; I'd like to recommend Hamster free ZIP. Very easy to use!

So now.. first order of business: What are we into these days?

Rihanna makes you like singing about s&m while shaking your tail like you mean it! Plus, her music helps me work out! :) Iron and Wine is quite different. Listening to one of his albums can be quite inspiring because you never know what you're gonna get next as far as the lyrics as well as the tunes that go with them! And I've also noticed that you get different things out of his songs each time you listen to them. And Brand New well... lets just say.. old emo habits die hard. lol.

Things that Inspire

Feathers!!!!! Especially in terms of hair accessories and earrings! Feathers are also so intricate yet fragile and such an intriguing concept to me!

So anywho! Thats enough with the pictures for now! So my current crafting goals and intrests are as follows:
1. Getting a new camera! I'm hoping to get for my birthday a cannon powershot sx130 not quite as high powered as the SLR I had, but better than my sony cybershot, which is now dead. Plus a friend of mine has the same model and was very please with it and seems to be the best bang for the buck!
2. Paint something. I wonder if its normal to get the urge to paint or create something so strongly that it causes insomnia! Doesn't happen very often... but it's its a very strange off-kilter experience.
3. Baby Blankie time!! I currently have 2 good friends who are expecting this fall! One of which is my best friend Heather who will need no help in crafting blankets and other things for her little bundle because she is quite the crafter herself! But I am none the less happy to help with said crafting as well as create some things for Sandra, my other good friend and former roomie.
4. Plan for fall crafts! Summer just got started good, but already I'm looking forward to fall colored yarns and most of all Halloween crafting!!! I got behind on it last year because I didn't really budget for it and things didn't all turn out how I wanted and I'd like to start early on it this time around!

Not a bad list, if I may say so! And I WILL hold myself accountable and record my progress here along with other things!! That is my pledge! For now, I'm going to try to sleep or maybe find something to paint or make so that I can! lol.



  1. sweet jebus! you have a blog! thank you for the heads up!
    & I'll add that this crafty gal would love crafty things from you for muh baby! ;) btw, check out www.weheartit.com too! lots of pretty things there and a little bit more simple that pinterest!! ;)

  2. Well thank you for the info my dear!! I'll be seeing ya round!